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Our experts have worked within the Construction industry for over 30 years and we have an excellent reputation in and around Hampshire.

Our skilful team pride themselves on being respectful, polite, highly professional and efficient. We deliver a first class finish to every project with thorough attention to detail.

At Jelcon Ltd, we believe there are eight project performance indicators in construction...


Commercial and industrial carpentry projects present many unique challenges, which is why it is important to choose a carpentry contractor that you can rely on.

Jelcon Limited is fast becoming one of the most renowned carpentry companies operating across South coast. And as the Winner of the Inland Homes Subcontactor of the Year Award 2019, you can rely on us to deliver, whatever the challenge.

The common assessment of the success of a construction project is that they are delivered on time, to budget, to technical specification and meet the client's satisfaction. This is where we can deliver.

Together with our partner companies, we will ensure the main contractor can avoid the nuisance of having to deal with site 'niggles' as we will have the responsibility of managing the tight coordination needed between the three trades. As our three companies have regular in-house meetings to discuss and overcome any issues that may occur on the sites that we work together on, we are often able to correct any issues before they arise.

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A quick bit of background on some of our leading team members...

Martyn Petrony Managing Director

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Dan Petrony Contracts Manager

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Nigel Petrony Contracts Manager

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Matt Petrony Site Supervisor

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Charlene Heath Office Manager

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